Bikes Are The New Black

After Bike to Work Day, comes Bike Away From Work night! With the end of the day came the SFBC festivities at Rickshaw Stop.

Along with beer, pizza, music and fun, there was a bikey fashion show for those who wish to be totally fabulous on their rides (if you are going to put a SFBC "put something exciting between your legs" sticker on your ride, you should step up and look goooooooood!)

First off, I want the shoes. Second, those jeans look great on the behind. Third, this back pack by Nan Eastep catches my eye every time!

Last, but not least, coming in with spats and made to order red riding suit, Gary Fisher! Who else could pull this off?

A few more shots of the evening here. and here
Ride on beautiful people!


B. Spoke Tailor said...

That's a B. Spoke Tailor custom suit!

Adrienne Johnson said...

It is fabulous! We should all have one : )