Hello there! I would like to introduce myself- you have seen me referenced on this blog as "Busbozo". My given name is Adrienne (thank God, because Busbozo would be very difficult to get a job with .) This is me:

I can not tell you how happy and honored I am to have this opportunity to share with you my love of San Francisco and the people who choose to traverse it under their own power. There is no one group or type of bicycle I like the best, but my heart is with the parents who get out every day, with their kids in tow, riding the streets and showing what can be done if we just try.

Here's to having fun on a bike in this beautiful city of ours! Now, as I say to my husband before we leave on our bikes "Come on, Baby! Let's ride!".


Kristin Tieche said...

Bienvenue! We're happy you're here!

Adrienne Johnson said...

This should be fun! I'll take any opportunity to show the world just how much SF ROCKS!!!!!

Christa said...

You're awesome! Great role model for other mothers.

I don't know what I like seeing more: a mom cycling with kid(s) or cycling couples holding hands.

Looking forward to seeing your posts. :)