Sacto Vogue

I spent the past weekend in our state capital, Sacramento, CA. Not only did I see beautiful people like this pretty blond in black, and this bmx-er with dog, but I saw bike lanes on both sides of one-way streets (imagine that on Fell or Oak or Folsom!), cute little bike racks installed on parking meters in the downtown area, and folks of all backgrounds riding around to all types of destinations - to bars, to markets, to parks, etc.

People--SF has a lot to learn from this agrarian Central Valley city!

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juarezj said...

What a coincidence -- I was just in Sacramento for the first time this weekend too. Loved the bike lanes in the central downtown area, but they sort of disappeared west of Capitol Park.

Although we arrived by car, we got around town by bike or walking the whole weekend. Quite a pleasant surprise.