Our very own lovely and talented Adrienne Johnson

Adrienne met us last weekend for a glass of wine at the art gallery.

She wore a pink suit jacket with jeans, perfect for Friday night in the Mission, and rode her new dutch bike.

KT didn't have her bike but celebrates well under any condition. (I am represented spiritually by the strawberry cheesecake that KT displays; so, in that sense, this is a photo of us all.)

On the next block, we noticed that Dog Eared Books decorates their storefront with vintage bikes.


She Rides a Bike said...

If I were to be spiritually represented I think it might be by a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. They've been on my mind a lot lately. What a fun night you had. I'm jealous of the dutch bike and the fushia jacket.

Anonymous said...

KT does celebrate well under any condition--one of the many things we like about her!--Andrea