Tweed!!! (the 2nd)

Better late than never! There is nothing better than a wonderful ride through our wonderful city on the wonder that is the bicycle.

The Ladies were lovely.

The Gents were cool.

Even the rides wore tweed.

Recognizing a good thing, the City put on a special glow just for us.

Thanks to Colin for this wondrous evening. Click here for more information about this and future rides, and here for more pictures.

Tweed on, SF!


Charlotte said...

LOVE the tweed bike.
So clever.

Well done!

Adrienne Johnson said...

Isn't that thing the bomb?!!! You should see the panniers he made, as well. I was too distracted and forgot to shoot them. Doh!!

Dottie said...


MELI. said...

super!! Adrienne in the vogueland deliciousness
♥big welcome from your caffeinated fan
hey, so I think you got the panniers here, and I got his sweet skinny legs here ;D. what a fun ride!

Adrienne Johnson said...

Hurray! I am not sure which I like more- that I wasn't too flaky to get the panniers or the panniers themselves : ) Either way, glad someone is paying attention to what I am doing, because I obviously, am not !