DFF = Disposable Film Forever!!!

The Disposable Film Festival Bike-In Movie Screening/Party was a blast! We most definitely support this outdoor event becoming a regular thing. Whaddya say, guys?

And if you missed it this time, you missed the chance to get your bike portrait taken by us, the Vélo Vogue editors. But first, someone at SF Station snapped this artsy photo of my bike tucked away in the SFBC's valet bike parking.

The Disposable Film Festival:

And before the masses arrived, Lilia and I had fun taking portraits of each other. Here's mine of her with her fancy flaming Nutcase helmet.

The night wouldn't have been the same without Deep providing the most excellent retro tunage on his mobile sound system. And the night really wouldn't have been the same without that shiny silver jacket he's got on.

And who could resist this beauty in a yellow cape? The cape is an original SF design, but the smile is all hers. Simply gorgeous.

I made sure I didn't piss this goodfella off, because I thought maybe he had a baseball bat underneath that trenchcoat.

The thing about taking people's pictures with their bicycles is that it makes them smile. And laugh!

Or they give you their best James Dean (yowza). I call this one, "Handsome Man With Love Seat."

Stay tuned for Lilia's take on the evening! More to come!


Unknown said...

That evening was sooo much fun! Quite the gala event. And thank you for not turning my mugshot over to the authorities. No bat on hand as I can only swing a tune, but but a new bike rack for my violin case is in the works ;>

Hi Busbozo! :)

Joe P.

Kristin Tieche said...

Would love to see you a velo avec violin!

I guess looks can be deceiving!

Adrienne Johnson said...

Joe! I insist on violin music the next time I see you!