Creating a Bike Friendly City - Current TV visits Copenhagen

Mikael guides us through the world's most livable city's sophisticated bike infrastructure. Copenhagen sets the standard in style!

Wow! I have been impressed with SF's latest bike-friendly changes, but do we ever have a long way to go.

This video just proves that our cities can be as amazing and livable as we let ourselves dream them to be.


cb said...

oh i wish and dream about cities like this...we used to live in sf and bikes are every where...we moved to hayward and there are barely any bikes...the bikes that are around are too scared to ride in the street...last week my husband was riding home from work and a car pulled up to him and peppered sprayed him 3 TIMES for no reason!! and then slowly drove off! i wish people had more respect for people who ride their bikes..one day and that day will be amazing!

Kristin Tieche said...

Keep dreaming big, cb!

AND - speak up! Join forces with the other East Bay bike peeps!

I just went on an 80s East Bay Bike Party Ride a couple Fridays ago. Great fun and great people!

Sorry to hear that your husband got peppered. That's awful!

cb said...

thanks kristin! i have my east bay coalition paperwork filled out and ready to send in. i thought volunteering would be the first step in getting to know some more people in this area who ride :D